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 Fullbringer Race Information

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PostSubject: Fullbringer Race Information   Sun Oct 07, 2012 10:51 am

The Fullbringers

Who & what are the Fullbringers ?

The fullbringers are are spiritually-aware humans born with the enonymous ability Fullbring, which allows them to manipulate the souls that reside in all physical matter. Their powers are constituted by Hollow Reiryoku. Fullbringers
can sense the Reiryoku of other spiritual beings. They each have a parent who survived a Hollow attack before they were born. As a result, traces of the Hollows’ power remained in their mothers’ bodies, which were then passed onto them at the moment of their birth. Their powers more closely resemble a Hollow’s than those of a Shinigami.

Their ability, called Fullbring, enables them to manipulate the souls contained within matter. Everything, even rudimentary objects such as lampposts and chairs possess a soul, however small. By using their power to “pull” on this soul, Fullbringers can manipulate the object’s movement or even alter its physical characteristics. For example,
Fullbringers could have a beverage assist them in drinking it by pulling on its soul, drawing it into their mouth. Likewise, by pulling on the soul of water, Fullbringers can walk across its surface without falling through. Many more feats are possible, making the technique highly versatile. Unlike other spiritual beings, Fullbringers use their power with their physical bodies. Because of this, they must train extensively to build up their stamina so they can use it properly.

Fullbringer Abilities

High-Speed Movement

Fullbringers can induce states of high-speed
movement through Fullbring. Such movements are accompanied by the
flickering of a green luminescence called Bringer Light, which is the preliminary for each
high-speed movement. This speed is achieved through a variety of
different uses of Fullbring. By pulling on the soul of the ground
beneath their feet, Fullbringers can increase its elasticity, greatly
enhancing their jumping ability as a result. In addition, by
Fullbringing the air around them, they can accelerate their movements.
Doing so can consequentially strengthen the force of their blows.The ability to use this technique signifies that one is beginning to master Fullbring.
- In order to use this, a Fullbringer must have trained his/her Fullbring abilities for at least 1000 words. They must then train this ability for 500 words.

Object Affinity:

By developing an affinity for a particular
object, a Fullbringer can alter its form, granting powers that vary
greatly among individuals. This affinity can be defined by one’s love for the object in question, or simply by an overall fondness for it. As such, this power is usually awakened through a strong emotion associated with the object, such as pride.
Using this affinity, Fullbringers pull out the object’s soul and boost
it with their own, transforming it in the process. While Fullbringers typically have an affinity with one such object, it is possible to have many.
While all Fullbrings are unique, they can be defined by different
types. For example, Fullbrings that shroud their users with their power
are called Clad-Type Fullbrings.

Once a Fullbringer has fully realized this power, its abilities
cannot and do not change through growth. However, Fullbringers must
progress to a certain level before they can use their unique abilities
to their fullest.
As such, a Fullbring’s various developmental stages can look radically
different from its final form, and can thus be considered “incomplete.”
When the Fullbring’s potential is fully realized and it progresses to
its final form, it releases a violent burst of energy that can
potentially damage its user’s body. Because of this, another Fullbringer
is typically required to oversee the process, and to prevent the
recently completed Fullbring from injuring its user by suppressing the
explosion. In addition, a Fullbring’s growth can be promoted by exposure to the atmosphere of Hueco Mundo, as a result of its Hollow nature.

- Must have trained as a Fullbringer for at least 3000 words in total.
- The users are only allowed to have affinity to 5 objects most.
- Must train for 1000 words for the first object that user has affinity to.
- 1500 words for second, third and fourth, and 2000 for the fifth.


There are 5/5 open spots in for the Fullbringers.

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Fullbringer Race Information
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