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 Races & Shinigami Ranks

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PostSubject: Races & Shinigami Ranks   Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:56 am

Races & Shinigami Ranks

Races Upon Creation

Your character, upon creation may or may not be able to start with certain races.
Read below to learn more about it...

For detail about races, read the "Race Informations" topic.

Your character can start as a human, a quincy, a shinigami or a hollow.
- No limitations. Your character can start as a normal human being. Can be turned into a substitute Shinigami. If your character dies as a human, you will be either saved by a Shinigami, and sent to the Soul Society (It means your character dies and you can no longer rp with it.), or taken by Hollows (your character may or may not turn into a hollow, depending on what the hollow who retrieved you does, and if your character turns into a hollow it's up to you to decide wether you will continue rp'ing with the same character or not. If you decide not to, your character will be considered dead.).

- Again, no limitations. Your character can start as a Quincy. Can not be turned into a substitute shinigami. If your character dies, same rules for humans apply for its future.


- Your character can start as a usual Shinigami or an exiled Shinigami,
however you can not start as a lieutenant, captain, captain-commander,
substitute Shinigami, or a "Visored".

- You can start as a Hollow, however you can not start as an Arrancar.

Other Races and How To Become One

Substitute Shinigami
- A Substitute Shinigami is someone who became Shinigami by obtaining another Shinigami's power, or by going through a much harder and riskier process to transform him/herself into one.

Obtaining another Shinigami's power is done by thrusting his/her Zanpakutō into the person's chest who wants to obtain the power. However, the percentage of success is low. In the case of success, the person normally obtains around half of the Shinigami's power, and only temporarily. The transferal of a Shinigami's powers to a Human is
forbidden by the Soul Society.

(After the the transfer, a coin will be tossed by a mod and it will decide if the human is going to die
or become a substitute shinigami.

Also, the shinigami who gives the power to a human becomes an exiled Shinigami immediately, along with
the substitute shinigami.)

If the transfer was a success, the Substitute shinigami must train for 2000 words to be able to use his Shinigami abilities. After the training, once again a dice will be rolled by the mod.
- If 1-2 : The training would not succeed, as the human would try to do the training again.
- If 3-4 : The human will become a substitute shinigami and gain his/her powers.
- If 5-6 : The human will slowly turn into a Hollow. If this happens, the user will decide one of the two things to happen :
1) The character will turn into a hollow.
2) The character will pass out, and then for 2000 more words talk to his Zanpakutō to find the power in himself. The character will then become a substitute shinigami. (The user will be wearing Shinigami clothes, and a Hollow mask. He/she would then break the mask.)

- Must have been human, then turned into a substitute shinigami. During the training of shinigami abilities, must have
started turning into a Shinigami, and must have found the power in
himself/herself to gain his powers. After that, the user will rp for 1500 more words to explore the Hollow side in himself. Then, a coin will be tossed.
- Heads : The user becomes a newbie visored.
- Tails : The user starts to slowly turn into a Hollow. The user will decide one of the two things to happen :
1) The character will turn into a hollow.
2) The character will fight his hollow side in his mind for 1500 words, and kill it or gain control of it.
If the character fights the hollow inside him/her and gains control of it, he/she becomes a newbie Visored.

The newbie Visored has to train his new abilites for 1500 words, then train to suit them with his shinigami abilites for 1500 words to become a Visored able of using his abilities.


Must be a Hollow. The Hollow will train for 1000 words and break its mask. After the mask being broken, the Hollow will face some or one Shinigami in a place where it can't find help from others. The shinigami may choose not to fight the Hollow, if the Hollow is stronger than them, or just too strong. If allowed, the Hollow will become an Arrancar, if fought, there are two possibilities.
- If the Hollow loses the battle, the soul will become a Togabito, as they are sent to hell. (The character dies, the user can't rp with them anymore.)
- If the hollow wins the battle, it will become an Arrancar.

After becoming an Arrancar, the character must train for 1500 words to be able of using his ablities.

  • Espeda
    The strongest Arrancar will be selected as Espeda. (The number will change as the number of users increases.)

Shinigami Ranks and How To Obtain Them

The Ranks will be decided by how strong the shinigami is.
The shinigami has to claim a spot for a rank, but it may not be approved even if there's an open place.
The approval will be considered by how strong the shinigami is.

1/1 Open Spot

  • -

3/3 Open Spots

  • -
  • -
  • -

9/9 Open Spots

  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

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Races & Shinigami Ranks
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