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 The Stat System

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Genji kiyade

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PostSubject: The Stat System   Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:45 pm

Rank S

S-0 At this level, you can truly be called a God (gain 100) (once someone hits this level, they cannot gain any more, after the boost is acquired, until three other people join this rank)
2000 Required

S-1 You are a master of nearly everything, yet still some things elude you. (gain 50)
1750 Required

S-2 You have come to a new level of power, capable of rendering your opponents to dust with virtual ease. (gain 25)
1500 Required

Rank A

A-1 At this rank you are above Any normal rank without training. (gain 20 stat points)
1360 Required

A-2 This is the rank of Highly trained godlike figures. (gain 30 stat points)
1130 Required

A-3 This is the rank of the CC, and the espada leader. (gain 40)
930 Required

A-4 The Vizard leader is at this level. (gain 50)
770 Required

Rank B

B-1 Advanced captains/espada are at this level. (gain 30)
650 Required

B-2 This is the average Captain/espada, like tousen or sojiro. (gain 20)
550 Required

B-3 This is new captains/espada rank. (gain 25)
455 Required

B-4 This is the advanced Lt/fraccion/bount rank. (gain 50)
345 Required

Rank C

C-1 This is the average Lt/fraccion/bount rank. (gain 15)
280 Required

C-2 This is the new Lt/fraccion/bount rank. (gain 20)
220 Required

C-3 This is for seated officers who have Shikai, and lower arrancar/humans. (gain 30)
160 Required

C-4 This is the rank of the average Hollow/shinigami, and lower humans. (gain 60)
80 Required

Rank D

D-1 The lowest rank you can possibly get. If you get this, you probably need help rping, or are an average human with no abilities who is rping all that out.
Start with 70


On your profile a staff member will tell you what your rank is based on your rp skill and abilities. This allows a more logical and understandable rp. (current members will be rated on their abilities and skill as well)
With this system, it makes sense for a gennin who specializes in speed to outrun a chuunin who doesnt. It allows specialization and several other ideas.
Some may say it takes away from the skill factor, but this is also a lie. Anyone with skill can rank up easier than those without. This allows for people to be more motivated to learn how to rp better.

Now as for the grading system, its more complicated than the current one, but much better considering if someone spams 10k they get alot of stats.

Normally sites use a grading system for length, which is stupid, but with this system, I guarantee better grading.

(P x (l/100) + G) / 5 = stats gained (if neccessary, round to the nearest whole number. Dont bitch about the math, there are online calculators.)
P = plot rating, based on a scale of one to ten.
L = length of words
G = grammar, based on a scale of one to ten.

Essentially the average post of 500 words would get 2 stats. This isnt alot considering the large number of the stats you need to gain. Basically a plot rating of ten means that it has twists, and keeps the one reading it entertained. A grammar rating of ten, well... thats obvious. Why do this complicated system? It insures that the mods actually read what they grade, and thus people wont get away with insane bullshit that they wouldnt get otherwise. This also insures that people get graded more on detail than length. Sure length is a factor, but not as big as plot and grammar.


Shikai/mask/ first human form adds 1/2 of your power, for melee it is 2/3

bankai/res/second releae doubles your power, melee adds 1.2 times your power.

Bankai+res for vizards/segunda is tripple your power, as is quincy final form.

These boosts do not stack.

Battle Related

If their strength is x2 your strength, you cannot block, unless that is your zanpokuto's only ability.

If their strength is x2 your strength, you CAN however block with a kido or some other reiatsu based thing. As such, if their strength is not x2 your reiatsu you can block them, if it is more than 1 1/2 then it will break soon.

If your speed is x2 their reiatsu and speed, they cannot dodge your attacks, however they can block, if their blade is close enough.

If your speed is x5 their speed alone, they cannot even see you move.

If your endurance is x2 their strength or reiatsu, depending on which they attacked you with, then it will not even harm you.

If your endurance is x5 their strength then they will hurt themselves by attacking you, due to the force of the strike, ever tried to punch a brick wall? same law of physics.

If you reiatsu is x3 their strength, you will significantly slow them down due to the gravity effects of reiatsu, however it halves speed, but they gain 100 in strength due to the gravity, tis a double edged blade.

If your reiatsu is x3 their strength and reiatsu put together, then you can bring them to their knees with your reiatsu.
If it is x5 their strenght and reiatsu put together, then you can crush them with your reiatsu.

These rules are flexible for powers, such as the ability to block anything, or for reiatsu crushing, the ability to lighten gravity, or completely nullify it.

Unlike most systems which do not explain properly, I will explain just what I mean by each stat. Strength determines muscle function and muscle speed. This means if someone with 100 strength swings a blade, and someone of 150 strength swings the same blade, the one with 150 would swing faster. This also determines jump hieght and more importantly stability. In other words if someone with 500 strength tried to tackle someone of 1000 strength, they would be hard pressed to move them even slightly.

This is not just running speed, but also reflexes. This is a simple stat, and as such, it should be noted that it also decides flexibility. In other words, someone with a high speed could easily dodge or catch a thrown weapon by someone of lesser strength.

This is not the same as health, it does NOT determine whether an attack kills you or not... well mostly. Endurance tells just how much damage your body can take. Someone who had 50 strength would barely harm someone with 100 endurance. Endurance also effects how fast you can heal, and how long you can fight. Endurance is certainly important, but if one focuses too much on endurance, they may not be able to harm others.

Reiatsu is the amount of energy someone has, I know its supposed to be called something else, but Reiatsu is much easier to type. Reiatsu determines how good at kido you are, and how much energy you have, making it essential for kido type fighters, but relatively unnecessary for melee type fighters.


0-15 Average Academy Student
16-40 Boulder Hurler
41-100 Average Lt.
101-200 Hakuda Master
201-300 Steroid Addict
301-400 Kenpachi (without eyepatch)
500- City Lifter

0-15 Average Academy Student
16-40 Speed Fighter
41-100 Average LT. Speed
101-200 Shunpo/Sonido Expert
201-300 Average Captain Speed
301-400 Speed based Captain
500- God/Godess of Shunpo/Sonido

0-15 Average Academy Student
16-40 Meat Shield
41-100 Meat Shield (that actually survives)
101-200 Armor Skin
201-300 Regenerator
301-400 You had a city dropped on your head yet?
500- Invincible (not literal)

0-15 Average Academy Student
16-40 Kido Student
41-100 Manipulator
101-200 Kido Expert
201-300 Reiatsu Master
301-400 Master Manipulator
500- Kido Lord

Strongest on the site: The Human Boulder
Fastest on the site: The (insert color here) Flash
Most durable on the site: Indestructible
Most chakra on the site: God of Energy

These are for those who have the most of one stat.
Strength: You are strong enough to push the air by flexing, disrupting smaller attacks.
Speed: You move so fast you create a vaccuum when you move, causing a loud noise. This is voluntary.
Endurance: You are practically indestructible, able to take damage and keep going like only a true master would.
Reiatsu: You are able to use any kido, or cero attack, with ease. Reiatsu does not push you down, and you can sense others by it alone, even if hiding.
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The Stat System
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