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 Race Informations

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PostSubject: Race Informations   Sun Oct 07, 2012 7:15 am

Race Informations

Here are brief informations of each race that exist in this site.
For more detailed informations:
Quincy Race Information
Fullbringers Race Information
Shinigami Race Information
Visored Race Information
Arrancar Race Information

Races :


  • Humans are normal, living people, most of whom cannot see or sense disembodied spirits in any way. One in 50,000 Humans is a medium with some awareness of nearby ghosts, but only a third of these are able to see them clearly and only the strongest of mediums are able to speak with or touch ghosts.Certain unique Humans naturally have both the power to sense and the strength to fight with spirits. Ordinary Humans can gain the ability to interact with spirits by spending time around a large source of spirit energy.


  • Fullbringers are spiritually-aware humans born with the enonymous ability Fullbring, which allows them to manipulate the souls that reside in all physical matter. Their powers are constituted by Hollow Reiryoku. Fullbringers can sense the Reiryoku of other spiritual beings. They each have a parent who survived a Hollow attack before they were born. As a result, traces of the Hollows’ power remained in their mothers’ bodies, which were then passed onto them at the moment of their birth. Their powers more closely resemble a Hollow’s than those of a Shinigami.


  • Shinigami are souls with inner spiritual power,
    recruited from the ranks of the residents and nobility of Soul Society.
    Like all spirits, they cannot be detected by normal Humans. Shinigami
    use their Zanpakutō, supernatural swords that are the manifestation of their owners' power, to perform soul burials on Pluses. Shinigami also use Zanpakutō and magic known as Kidō to fight Hollows.


  • Visored
    A group of Shinigami who have also obtained Hollow powers through
    "illegal" means, gaining removable masks and access to certain Hollow
    abilities. Having begun as Shinigami, the Visored appear entirely Human
    and, barring those times where they are using their powers, are
    indistinguishable from ordinary Shinigami. To gain access to their
    Hollow powers, a Visored dons a Hollow mask. This allows them to augment
    their Shinigami abilities with Hollow powers, as well as giving them
    access to some of the more generic Hollow abilities. Their spiritual
    pressure likewise changes into a mix of Hollow and Shinigami.
  • They are considered criminals by the Soul Society.


  • Hollows are evil ghosts who reside in Hueco Mundo
    but travel to the living world to feed on the souls of the living and
    dead alike. Like Shinigami, Hollows are made of spiritual matter and
    cannot be detected by ordinary Humans. While the majority of Hollows can
    be overcome by the average Shinigami, there are some which surpass even
    the most elite Shinigami in strength. All normal Hollows wear white
    masks and have a hole where their heart used to be.


  • Arrancar are Hollows that have broken off
    part of their Hollow mask. By shattering their masks, these Hollows
    regain the ability to reason, sometimes obtain a Humanoid form, and gain
    access to Shinigami powers.


  • Quincy are a clan of spiritually aware Humans who once fought
    against the Hollows, using weapons composed of spiritual energy to slay
    them. As opposed to Shinigami, Quincy absorb and channel energy from their surroundings to fight.
    Unlike the Shinigami method of killing Hollows which allows the Hollow
    to enter Soul Society, the Quincy technique simply obliterates the
    Hollow's soul entirely.
    This method has the propensity to shatter the balance of the universe,
    because when souls are destroyed, the number of souls entering and
    leaving Soul Society cannot remain equal.
    This issue prompted the Shinigami to conduct a campaign to exterminate
    the Quincy about 200 years ago, leaving very few survivors.


  • Togabito are a species of spiritual beings that are imprisoned in Hell for crimes that they committed when they were alive. The soul of a dead Human normally passes on to the Soul Society with the
    assistance of a Shinigami. However, Humans that lived lives full of sin
    - including those that become Hollows after dying - are incapable of entering the Soul Society. Instead, they
    are cast into the depths of Hell, where they are bound by
    indestructible chains and condemned for the rest of eternity
  • Note : The users aren't allowed to play Togabito characters. They can interact with them, but the Togabito need to be a NPC played by a mod.

Visit the "Races & Shinigami Ranks"
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Race Informations
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